Hello world!

4 Sep

On Saturday 1st September 2012 I weighed myself and I need to lose 101 pounds!!!! Oh my goodness- how did I get to that weight?. During that time I have yo-yoed but I have never been this heavy before. Why did I weigh myself? Mainly because my wife and I had decided we needed to start a diet and Saturday was the day it was to begin. I am writing this blog to chronicle my thoughts, successes and inevitable slip ups as I try to lose 101lbs. The first milestone for me is in 11 months when I turn 40- I’m not sure 101 is doable in that time frame, but it should make a good sstarting point. I am not following a particular diet or regimen, and I weigh in every Saturday morning- not in front of any class- just in my bathroom. I know some people like to go to classes and weigh in infront of people- but public humiliation has never been my thing:) Inevitably some posts are going to be longer than others- sometimes I may just talk about what I’ve eaten- but I figure if I do this in public I’ll have more of an impetus to carry on.


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