Thank you Hairy Dieters!!!!

5 Sep

You may have heard of the Hairy Bikers- well, they recently did a series in the UK called Hairy Dieters- in which they tried to lose weight and design some low calorie dishes that we all love- in the main just by tweaking the traditional dishes and replacing certain things that raised the fat and calorie content. Why do I mention them? Well we bought their book last week- and it is fabulous.

Day one of the diet began with a shopping trip after designing the week’s menus- of which a couple of our main meals came from the Hairy Dieters. It was a fairly ordinary day, because I needed to rush I had fruit for breakfast with some juice, followed by ham salad sandwich for luch, and a muller greek style corner. During the afternoon I realised we had no snacks except for fruit (which I love but can go overboard on)- hence a trip to get some snack a jacks- not the greatest oat cakes, but they’re at least edible if I can keep my children away from them.

Tea was amazing! As can be evidenced by my large waist line, I am married to a fabulous cook, and so I have got used to good food. This meal was spanish style chicken from the Hairy Dieters. I ate it- a mixture of chiecken, herbs, spices, vegetables and it did not feel like I was on a diet. But apart from a brushing of olive oil there was no fat except what was in the chicken pieces. What was more, the children all loved it too.

So what have I learnt from day one- apart from the fact that I don’t have to snack every two minute to survive the day- is that using other people’s ideas and recipes can give you inspiration for some fabulous meals.

Day one wasn’t the easiest day in the world, I have had to resist reaching for a sweet or a biscuit when I open a cupboard, but it’s a start!!!


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