Fast Sunday

5 Sep

Did I cheat today? Well, only in the sense that as a part of my faith we are invited to fast for two meals on the first Sunday of every month. It is an opportunity to change my focus from food to my relationship with God, but I have to admit that it could not have come at a better time than at the start of my diet. Being on this “lifestyle change” actually helped me fast- I was less concentrated on the food that I wasn’t eating because I wasn’t missing it, I was far more concentrated on the purpose of my fast. It did not stop me preparing sandwiches for the children at lunch time.

In times past I have broken my fast with a large meal, but through attending an Islamic Iftaar meal a few years ago, I realised that breaking my fast with a small piece of food (on day two it was a banana) I was able to focus more on the ending of my fast rather than the beginning of the meal.

Tea owed much to the lovely Hairy Bikers again- though I much prefer to read than watch them- it was a home made mediterranean burger- (see here for the recipe) but this was padded out with courgette and onion. This with a side salad and a dressing suggested in their book. i have to admit, they were gorgeous- the children enjoyed them with their chips.

Day two wasn’t a huge issue, mainly because it was a fairly ordinary day that comes around once a month, but with my new attitude to food it actually helped my religious devotion. I did not expect that!!


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