I want a milkshake!!!

6 Sep

On day 4 my children went back to school, my wife was doing an odd day of work so I was working at home on my own today. This was a big test, because usually if I’m left at home on my own I don’t go mad but I do find myself dipping into the crisp cupboard, and the fridge. About lunch time I decided to wander to the local shop because I wanted something different from water, juice or the decaffeinated coke that we had in the house. What I was really craving was a milkshake- and a chocolate milkshake at that. Being on a diet this wasn’t as crazy as it may sound- I had seen various milkshakes such as Frijj advertising themselves as very low fat. I was very disappointed when I read their ingredients- the second largest was sugar. They may be low in fat, but very high in sugar content. So I had to forego the milkshake! This got me thinking about what types of drink are helpful for my lifestyle change.

I am aware that I have a slight advantage over the majority of adults who begin a diet, in that I do not drink any alcohol at all because of religious beliefs. I also do not drink tea or coffee- when all of these things are factored in my drink intake is really hot chocolate, soft drinks, cordial and fruit juice. Recently, I eliminated caffeinated soft drinks from my diet too- this was in response to some headaches I was getting. So my choices reduced a little bit more, especially when you focus on diet soft drinks- in restaurants I usually have to have water or sugary sprite- a lot of diet soft drinks seem to be caffeinated.  I am trying to drink less fizzy pop, which means more water and sugar free Vimto. But I would like an opportunity to have a milkshake every now and again!! Is there any low fat and low sugar milkshakes out there that anybody knows about? I would be very grateful!

Apart from drinks the day went well and I was surprised by how little I was tempted to snack. I began with 30g of cereal, a salmon and cream cheese bagel for lunch, and pork, new potatoes, vegetable and gravy for tea. Also included were the occasional piece of fruit and a muller corner. I know it is early days yet, but I think that I’m enjoying the change- I don’t feel healthier but I feel happy that I am on the right track… But I do not need to get ahead of myself, there have been many false starts in the past.


One Response to “I want a milkshake!!!”

  1. Alec Drane September 8, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

    A milkshake once in a while will not kill the lifestyle change. One of the things that kills diets is the fact that there are certain things that you “can’t” have. Treat yourself once in a while and you will be able to maintain your lifestyle change for longer, just make sure that it’s not too often.

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