I only got petrol from the petrol station…

7 Sep

…well it was actually diesel, but that didn’t have quite the same ring for the title! You may think, so what that’s what you’re supposed to do. Usually there would be a chocolate bar, or something similar that was purchased when I filled up with diesel. Interestingly, when I was a missionary for my Church one of the things we helped some people to do was to follow a stop smoking programme. I only remember two things from this programme- drink grapefruit juice, and identify the times where you habitually have a cigarette- for example after your breakfast. identifying these habitual times was to help the person giving up become aware and be on their guard against the automatic reaction. I have discovered many of these habitual eating moments over the last few days- the most obvious with reference to the title of this post is when I fill up with diesel. But there are others, if I go into the kitchen- I could stop there, but it usually extends to when I open the fridge or get a drink. On the cupboard near our front door there has been a bag of wrapped boiled sweets for a week- they are open- we have very good children who always ask for before they take food (they must get it from their mum) and so a lot of the sweets are still there- I know this would not have been the case before the lifestyle change began- changing habits isn’t easy but hopefully they will be worth it.

Another habit moment occurred at work today- there was a buffet lunch for the conference day that was being used to introduce the new academic year. Sandwiches and crisps abounded- I’m afraid I had to be unsociable and take two two half sald wraps and disappear to asnwer emails. Picking is a natural habit for me- and so putting me next to a plate of crisps would have led to me picking unconsciously. I never realised that so many things in my life were habitually linked with eating (goodness me, I sound like a fat trougher).

It was a bit of a rushed meal tonight, but the Hairy Dieters worked their magic again with a gorgeous Crispy chicken recipe- chicken in breadcrumbs, with a bit of oregano and parmesan accompanied by a salad. It took my wife and I ten minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook, so for us it was quick and easy while Wednesday night, which is our craziest for activities was able to be subdued. All in all, an enlightening day 5.


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