11 down… 90 to go!

9 Sep

Saturday- day 8… This could only mean one thing- weigh in day- and I had lost 11lbs:) That’s amazing- at this rate I’ll be done in 9 weeks- oh if only that we’re true! I do realise that it works out a little bit differently than that. However looking at the equivalent weight I’m really pleased and gobsmacked- for example our youngest child weighed 10lb 2oz- she was huge and I lost more than her- 22 packets of butter*!!! Very chuffed- its motivation to carry on. Don’t get me wrong I’m a still a fat bloke but it’s a start.

The rest of the day went by in a busy blur- taekwondo lessons (not mine), dancing lessons (again, not mine), birthday party, shopping and I organized a quiz night at Church for tonight. We had a roast chicken dinner for tea- but we used fry light for the roast potatoes (which were very nice), and the cheese sauce for the cauliflower cheese was made with cornflour in milk, rather than butter, flour and milk. So a light option- especially as we had to forego the Yorkshire puddings:

I though the quiz was going to be the hardest- I’d bought refreshments of Doritos, Costco muffins and Danishes- but actually if I ignored them it was fine. I enjoyed my day 8:)

*Thanks to Emma B. who pointed out the error in my original calculation of 11 packets of butter- oops!


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