Drinks again!!

9 Sep

Having stropped about drinks the other day, I thought I had exhausted the topic and then my wife and I went out for lunch today. And by out for lunch I mean we popped into Costco for a couple of bits for Church activities and had a baked potato and chilli while we were there. The “soda” on offer were all coke products- so sprite and Fanta were available- unfortunately there were only sugary versions. So it was either diet caffeinated or sugary non-caffeinated. Until I noticed they sold fruit smoothie- I asked a dumb question- what’s in your smoothie- the response “just fruit” as if I was rather thick- so I went ahead. The lovely cashier had forgotten to mention the tonne of added sugar!!!!! Come on people- I can get diet soda and water at the shops but for some reason not in certain take outs or restaurants (obviously I use the phrase restaurants loosely).

As it was day 7 it means that the day was preparing for weigh in tomorrow. We had a lovely stir fry for tea- lots of veg and a small amount of chicken prepared from scratch so we knew exactly what was going into it. A very busy day with work, shopping and other bits but the lifestyle change stayed on course (minus the exercise).



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