Coping with birthdays when you’re on a diet!

10 Sep

I have mentioned before that my wife is an exceptional cook; I read in a book once how two of the characters were a perfect match because “she likes to cook, and he likes to eat.” I think my wife and I haev many other things that make us a perfect match, but that synchronicity was always a side benefit. When she makes cakes, flap jacks, cheese ckaes, and all of the gorgeous savoury dishes I am in heaven! With us both starting this lifestyle change I was beginning to feel a bit guilty about the birthday present I bought her over the summer- a Kitchenaid Mixer- that it would not get as much use as we expected it to. I shouldn’t have worried- I forgot birthday season was coming up. Our four children all have their birthdays over the next two months- starting on day 9- meaning yesterday- our youngest turned 6 and wanted a devil’s food cake for her family dinner.

So before Church my wife made Nigella’s devil’s food cake (see here for the recipe if you don’t have the book). We also have another tradition that the birthday boy/girl chooses the tea for that day- pasta carbonara was the choice of the day!!! Not exactly slimming especially when combined with the pasta parcels that were requested. How would the lifestyle change cope? Well, while 3 of the children ate carbonara, we had chicken and mushroom pesto with pasta (using yesterday’s leftover chicken)- a lower fat alternative. And to celebrate the birthday it would have been rude not to have a sliver of the birthday girl’s cake:) Once in a while isn’t going to hurt! It also helped that apart from breakfast and fruit this was the only meal of the day- let me explain, it was not through any form of penitence for the cake- our Sundays are always a bit weird foodwise- we go to Church from 1030am to 1:30pm- usuallya rriving home after chatting between 2 and 2:30pm. If we prepare and eat our main meal (as we did today) when we come in it is not unusual for us to have something light or snacks much later; alternatively we eat something light and have a main meal later. Either way, I seem to eat less on a Sunday- so another added bonus:)

I could say I slipped slightly today- but one piece of cake to celebrate my daughter’s birthday is not going to cancel out everything else we’re doing. I also have to point out that there were some more cakes on offer immediately following Church which I resisted. A naughty sliver of cake isn’t the end of the world- I’m sure there will be worse things to come that won’t be so easy to justify:)


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