Comfort Eating

13 Sep

I’ve had conversations with friends before who say something like “I eat when I’m down”- down could be interpreted in many ways- fed up, annoyed, and so on. My usual response was “Yeah, I eat when I’m down, and when I’m happy, and when I’m neutral, in fact I just eat.” Another example of deflecting my fatness with a poor attempt at humor. Why do I raise this now- the last couple of days has seen my to do list explode and a couple of other bits at work which have made me a bit fed up- and do you know what? My friends were right, when I get fed up I want to eat-  I see the crisp cupboard and want to eat them, I get diesel and I want to buy some chocolate- I have another friend who tells me that chocolate releases happy endorphins- don’t know about that but that almost became a justification. What is it that makes the immediate reaction to such circumstances to want to eat? I guess, again I need to train my body that there are alternative reactions to certain situations- this isn’t the easiest thing in the world. What helps is my lovely wife who is on this journey with me and understands there will be bumps in the road to a new lifestyle, and fortunately doesn’t experience the weak moments at the same time as me. Also, a reality check helps- I have a fabulous life and I need to see the wood for the teas- this immediate moment might be a bit bobbins, but you know what life is good and there are millions of people who have far worse things to cope with- my bumps and bruises are nothing really and just a bit of self pity gone mad. I guess life will always be full of periods of time where I get fed up over nothing- but how I react will be a new experience for me as I won’t eat the food that is so tempting. I know that there is no harm in eating things occasionally, but at this early stage (has it really only been nearly two weeks?) my body and mind need training not to fall back on the default position of eating:)

That said, my evening meal was gorgeous last night- it was full of flavour, filled me up and included things that I’d never experienced before. We had another Hairy Dieters’ meal- Harissa Chicken. Chicken breast with Harissa paste as the marinade/ flavour with bulgur wheat salad. I had never had either Harissa or bulgur wheat before- but they were both very nice experiences for my palette. The bulgur wheat salad included spring onions, garlic, lemon juice, tomatoes, cucumber and lemon zest- if we had any criticism the salad was a bit lemony but that’s easily sorted.

A new lifestyle lesson learned- healthy food can be just as much a comfort eating experience as chocolate (though I still would have preferred a Twirl or Ben and Jerry’s- I might sound like a paragon of virtue but I’m still doing this because I have to with the side benefit of enjoying the good, rather than enjoying every moment of it).


One Response to “Comfort Eating”

  1. Rachel September 13, 2012 at 6:44 am #

    I eat when I’m busy… If I have work to finish that I don’t want to I’ll stall by eating. I noticed it the other day. I’m about to enter what I feel is possibly the final phase of the transformation over here – buying less food. We tend to have more than we need over here so I’ve decided to trade quantity for quality. I’m slowly using up all the junk and then I’m growing to try not to buy any more. Just fresh, healthy whole foods in this house! Keep going, sounds like its going well, and that chicken sounds gooooooood! 🙂

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