It’s been a while, and things have slowed down

22 Sep

Life has really picked up pace over the last week or so, my life seems to be spent permanently in lectures or meetings at the moment. I like being busy, but it means that things like this blog have had to take a back seat- being paid as I am to teach and all of the associated admin that goes along with it.

However, it is not just my blog writing that has slowed down. I was very proud of my 11lb loss during the first week- and I think rightly so, but during the second this slowed to a respectable and still very good 5lb, then this morning I was horrified to discover a 2lb loss this week. I do realise that horrified is a silly attitude, 2lbs is still good, and using a past reference point it is still four packs of butter. Also, if I average 2lbs a week then I will have lost what I want within a year- and at the moment, after three weeks, I’m averaging 6lbs. I think my horror was that if I had lost just a pound and a half more I would have gone under one of the stone barriers. Remembering when I’ve lost weight before it always seems that crossing those stone markers is always difficult.

I have to say that I have been good this week- I’m actually still enjoying the food that we have. I was chatting to my wife about the various foods we have been eating, and all of them we would continue to eat even if we weren’t on a diet. I know it’s only been three weeks, but it is not unusual to try a new recipe and think never again, but we haven’t faced that yet. It does help of course that some of the meals are the same as before we started. Some of the new ones that we have tried over the last week courtesy of the Hairy Bikers have been chilli ginger salmon with salad and sweet and sour chicken. The sweet and sour recipe was tweaked a little bit by adding mange tout and baby corn while taking out the chestnuts. This was one of my efforts as my wife had taken the children to various after school activities- I have to admit that it was gorgeous and so much better than anything we’ve had from the local takeaways. Apart from the proliferation of vegetables, it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, in fact because it had chilli flakes in it we felt it had the slight kick of a Szechuan which made it so much nicer- the children loved it too. Sometimes the sauce can be a little syrupy when we’ve had it before- not so in this meal.

I’ve also realized that my terms of reference in life have changed- usually when I meet a new class of students for the first time they introduce themselves with things like favourite chocolate bar, favourite ice cream flavour, and favourite pizza topping. Maybe because I couldn’t face hearing all these gorgeous things, but I unconsciously changed how they did this- much more focused away from food. We’ll have to see if this continues.

I’m also still at the stage where people haven’t noticed any change in my size (people who know I’m dieting don’t count) but I have started to feel better about myself. In addition to the 18lbs I’ve lost I have also reduced my waist size by 5 inches- this means that some of my clothes are hanging better and I don’t feel as self conscious. This is not to say that I don’t feel fat, just happy that I’m on the right track. Indeed, last night we had the missionaries from our Church round for dinner who asked me why I was on a diet. My answer? Because I’m fat!! There’s no chance I’m deluding myself I’m anything but that with 83lbs still to lose, things are heading the right direction however.


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